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kilorin: It's always a good idea to have backups in case things go wrong. kilorin: But if they can be found, do they cost any more time and energy than your first attempt? this time i will use: "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ativa: that's the command to do a dist upgrade. At least I think so ativa: Try this: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop how? ativa: I assume you have it so your system is already up2date? otherwise that command will be to install what you already have sorry i was not in the pc... ativa: if so then the command will do all the upgrades that are needed ativa: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop but the terminal is back ativa what's the outcome of cat /etc/issue it doesn't give nothing ativa: cat /etc/issue i am in live cd can someone help me out with this: it seems like a very simple problem but i dont know how to diagnose it i think its related to updates ativa: ok, it's a live CD so the system hasn't been rebooted for some reason, try running "sudo reboot" #suse ativa I guess you're not in an ubuntu install ativa if you were, you'd get asked for your password kilorin: I'm done with my coffee and I just solved your problem. I don't




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