About Me and My Practice

When I first started my spiritual journey, I came from a very discouraged and heartbroken place. Although spirituality and personal development are a never-ending process, each of us has the potential to grow from our current circumstances and blossom into the beautiful person we are meant to be.

I do everything in my power to motivate and inspire others while continuing to improve myself. I believe that our only obligation as living creatures on this planet is to leave behind a better world when we move on, and I try to consistently act in accordance with those values.

Whether you practice witchcraft or anything else, my hope is that my creations and services will inspire you to explore what makes you happy. The act of creation is in itself an inherently spiritual act, an outpour of the soul into something which without us was nothing. Likewise, no matter where you start in life, even if it seems hopeless, there is always beauty within and around us.


I often describe myself as an eclectic witch, but I'm particularly fond of divination and herbalism.


This is a photo from a fair I worked at shortly after I first started this business in May of 2021.